The Benefits of Hiring a

Small Business Marketing Consultant

As a small business, marketing consultants can bring incredible value to your organization in terms of sales, revenue, and operations. They can help improve your current marketing practices and plan your expansion into a new market. However, given that it is an added expense to your books, you might still be unconvinced if you actually need one. With this article, you will find the benefits of hiring a marketing consultant for your business and the different types of consulting services that you can hire.

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What Does a

Small Business Marketing Consultant Do?

A small business marketing consultant is a marketing professional hired into your business on a contractual basis to improve its marketing efforts. They do this by evaluating your current marketing campaigns, researching and understanding your customers, and creating a marketing plan for your business based on what they find out. All of these they can achieve thanks to their extensive experience in providing their service for businesses from different industries.

Aside from providing the plan, a marketing consultant may also offer marketing packages that their small business clients require to implement their plan. They could have some team members ready to take on the various tasks if they are a marketing agency. Alternatively, they may subcontract it to people they have previously worked with from previous clients.

A marketing consulting service will also be with you during the execution of the plan they created. They will optimize and assess the performance of the marketing plan in response to real-world applications. Because of this, you can expect them to help your business meet its marketing objectives or, at the very least, grow it through their marketing expertise.

Benefits of Hiring a

Small Business Marketing Consultant

Provides invaluable expertise

Marketing consultants can give your small business a competitive edge by providing expert assistance in creating and implementing a plan for marketing your products or services. Their assistance can prove invaluable since they have built up their expertise in helping their clients achieve their marketing objectives. 

They can help you with the overall planning and implementation while making sure that the pursuit of your goals is within your budget. This ensures that your business remains profitable despite implementing new and advanced methods for marketing your business. They can also focus on a specific area of your marketing if that is only what you need help with.

Gives another perspective on your business

A marketing consultant is a fresh set of eyes that looks into how you do marketing for your business. They have not grown used to how things are done in your business. Because of this, they can identify ways to improve your marketing practices and implement best practices in your business. And, more importantly, they do not have any pressure in the workplace to let things be or conform to current practices so you can expect them to be objective in evaluating and improving how you market your business to your customers.

Moreover, a marketing consultant brings fresh ideas to create the solutions you need for the challenges you have in your marketing activities. This can lead to innovative marketing tactics that can change how you engage your audience and bring a competitive edge to your business.

Helps you save time

Thanks to their experience, marketing consultants can complete tasks much more quickly than someone you just hired or yourself. They have done what they will do for you for several clients in the past. Therefore, you can expect a faster turnaround time with them researching, planning, and implementing your marketing strategy for your business. 

Moreover, having a marketing consultant do the marketing-related work in your business leaves you more time and energy to focus on running your business. You can work on improving the operations of your business and spend more time serving your customers – both of which are just as important in increasing your business’s revenue.

Helps you save money

Larger businesses can hire one or more marketing professionals with their resources. As a small business, you do not have the resources to do the same. Unfortunately, you cannot afford not to get the help of marketing professionals to promote your products or services to your target market. 

Marketing consultants bridge this gap by providing their expertise on a temporary basis. Unlike hiring a marketing professional as an employee, you are hiring them on a contractual basis for your business. This results in you paying less for the expertise and service that they bring into your business.

More effective marketing

Marketing consultants can assess your marketing efforts and identify what is working and which aspects of it can be improved. They also know the best practices in their profession as marketing experts so they can help plan and implement best practices that will help you achieve the best results. 

Moreover, they can identify gaps and opportunities in your marketing strategy and suggest solutions that you can implement within your budget. And, they can also identify which practices are no longer working or too expensive for the revenue it is generating.

Access to marketing specialists

Marketing consultants cannot do everything for their clients by themselves. This is why they have built up a network of marketing specialists and contacts that can help them implement the strategies and suggestions they provided to their clients. 

They know graphic designers, website developers, SEO specialists, media buyers, copywriters, and content marketing specialists. In some cases, they might even employ a few of these specialists and include their services in one of their marketing packages for small business clients. Either way, you can rest assured that you do not have to spend more time finding good marketing specialists to help you with your marketing strategy.

Different Types of

Marketing Consulting Services

Borrowing someone’s expertise is one of the benefits of hiring a marketing consultant for your small business. However, you cannot expect one marketing consultant to have in-depth expertise in every aspect of your marketing strategy. This is why you need to know which particular field you need help with in order to hire the right marketing consulting service or marketing package for your small business. 

Here are the common types of services that digital marketing consultants for small businesses offer:

Marketing strategy consulting

Marketing strategy consultants are what people usually think of when they refer to marketing consultants. They take on advisory roles for their clients and help in the creation and monitoring of a long-term general marketing plan. Marketing strategy consultants often map out the direction that the company will take in the near term to meet long-term goals. 

Aside from working with the owner or manager, marketing strategy consultants also work with those in charge of the business’s finances and operations. This is to ensure that the marketing plan is within the business’ financial constraints and will provide a profitable return.

Brand consulting

Brand consultants help with the creation of your brand identity and determine its positioning in the market. Their work starts with brief research to understand your market, industry, and customers. From what they learn, they will help create your brand assets (including your logo, tagline, style guide, brand voice, and brand color palette) and the establishment of your business’s mission, vision, and unique selling proposition. 

Brand consultants often work with businesses that are starting up or want to freshen up their long-established brand. However, they can also work with businesses that simply want to improve their branding efforts by helping them discover new ways to present their brand assets to their customers and by helping implement best practices in public relations and reputation management in their marketing or branding strategy.

Inbound marketing consulting

Inbound marketing consultants look at your brand, offer, and existing inbound marketing strategy to identify shortcomings, opportunities, and gaps that your business must take care of. If you are starting from scratch, they will help you with your strategy and its implementation on the relevant inbound channels for your business. If you already have an existing inbound marketing strategy, inbound marketing consultants will start looking into the analytics of your website and/or social media pages.  

Aside from general inbound marketing consultants, there are different types of inbound marketing consultants out there. These include content marketing, website marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, content creation, and SEO consultants.

Outbound marketing consulting

Outbound marketing consultants will promote your business to its potential customers by advertising it through different channels. These channels include paid search marketing, social media advertising, and targeted email campaigns. Aside from these, outbound marketing consultants also usually take care of creating sales funnels, landing pages, retargeting campaigns, and CRM software integration given their importance in outbound marketing methods. 

Outbound marketing consultants will take care of the planning of your outbound marketing campaigns, which includes research into your competitors and target audience. They will also optimize your outbound campaigns by conducting tests before scaling them for full implementation and reviewing the results for their next iteration.

Marketing operations consulting

Marketing operations consultants can help your business in matters of human resources, processes, and technologies for your marketing department and activities. Their expertise is crucial for the smooth and efficient operation of your business’s marketing team and its alignment with your business and marketing objectives. Their assistance is also important for the long-term success of your marketing team since they will also help create consistent and repeatable processes that your team will conduct for planning, monitoring, and optimizing future marketing strategies.

Do You Need a Marketing Consultant for

Your Small Business?

Hopefully, this article helped you determine the necessity of hiring a marketing consultant for your business. They can help you improve your business’s marketing campaigns, strategy, and operations. If you need to know more about marketing consulting services, contact us today here at Big Market Solutions!

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