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An Essential Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Businesses

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A website brings immense marketing potential to your business. You can use it to show videos and photos, and provide 3D virtual tours and interactive maps of your properties. Some real estate businesses might even say that it makes closing deals over the phone possible.

Unfortunately, these features are useless without anyone visiting your website. This is where real estate SEO comes in to make the potential of your website a reality.


What is Real Estate SEO

Real estate SEO is the optimization of various elements of a real estate business’ website to improve its ranking on its target market’s search results. A higher search ranking will bring more people to visit your page. With SEO, these visitors are more likely to browse other pages on your website and read more thoroughly the content you provide. Moreover, since they did the search, they are more receptive to your content and the calls to action placed in them.

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Why a Real Estate SEO Strategy is Important

Your website needs visitors to generate inquiries, appointments, and sales for your real estate business. There are several ways to bring these visitors to your website. You can use social media marketing, digital advertising, and traditional marketing to bring potential clients to your website. But, compared to all of these, SEO remains one of, if not the, best ways to increase your website’s online traffic, and here are the reasons why:

A majority of web traffic comes from search engines

Without SEO, you are giving up a significant potential of how much traffic your website can have. To illustrate, websites with SEO get half of their traffic from search engine results. If it gets to the first page of the search results, search engines can contribute up to 90 percent of a website’s total traffic.

SEO attracts visitors interested in your offer.

Visitors coming from their search results are more receptive to your content’s message and your offer. This is because of one simple fact: they searched your targeted keywords because of an existing interest in what you offer. As a result, they will more likely schedule an appointment for a property tour or inquire about the properties you offer.

SEO helps you gain and maintain an advantage over your competitors.

SEO can bring a unique advantage to your business that’s difficult for your competitors to duplicate. Although they can target the same keywords as you do, your content is unique and search engines will penalize any website copying it. Furthermore, if you are only the one in your local market implementing SEO, your business will attract more search engine traffic than your competitors in the area does.

SEO is still important for local search.

Local search results are more likely to recommend those near the search engine user’s location. This makes it easier for you to get into your target market’s results if they are doing a local search for a property or a real estate agent. However, search engines still place importance on your website’s keywords, loading speed, user experience, and other factors that SEO optimizes. This is why websites with a higher website or brand authority get a higher rank in the local search results.

The Benefits of Real Estate SEO Marketing

With the importance of SEO established, what are its concrete effects on your business? Here are the different ways your business will benefit from real estate SEO:

Increase people’s awareness of your brand

SEO is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness for your business. Your brand can gain high visibility by simply appearing on the first page of your target market’s search results. Moreover, you establish your brand’s reputation in your target market by delivering content that helps your audience and demonstrating what you have to offer to them.

Establish and improve your business’ credibility

Searching for a business’ name online is one of the ways people determine if it is legitimate. Seeing your website or your brand name on the internet gives them a sign that you are a real estate business. Moreover, a website does a lot in establishing trust from people. It shows that you have invested in designing the graphics and developing your website so you must be in it for the long haul. Plus, you can use it to show testimonials from happy clients and demonstrate your expertise in your profession.

Attract more visitors to your website

Your website serves several functions in marketing your business. It acts as a storefront for your business online. It gives potential clients a way to view your properties without having to visit the location personally. Lastly, it provides valuable content that they need and that demonstrates your real estate expertise. With all of these, having potential clients visit your website should be one of your goals in your marketing strategy and SEO is one of the best ways to make this happen.

Increase the qualified leads for your business

Search traffic brings visitors to your website that are interested in buying or renting, or need the information it provides. The former are qualified leads since they have a high commercial intent towards what you offer. You can attract more of them by using more of the keywords they search for in your content and web copy.

Increase conversion rate

Since you are attracting more qualified leads, you will have an easier time converting them into buyers or renters. At the very least, you will have them sign up for a follow-up, an appointment, or a call in the future.

Increase your sales

With SEO, you are regularly getting more qualified leads inquiring about the properties you offer and you are also getting more appointments and follow-ups in the future. These will lead to your real estate business getting more sales every month.

Reduce spending on paid advertising

You can use SEO to optimize your landing pages for search engines. Doing so will help you depend less on paid traffic on these pages and, as a result, decrease your spending on paid ads.

Improve your visitor’s user experience

One of the aims of SEO is to improve the user experience of your website visitors. This will lead to them browsing more of your site and reading more of your content. By doing so, they become more likely to act on your call to inquire about a property or sign up to receive updates on new listings in the future.

Complements your content marketing strategy

SEO and your website’s content marketing strategy go together regardless of the type of business you have. SEO will not have any content for the traffic it brings from search engines. Likewise, a content marketing strategy will not benefit your business if you don’t have an audience for it.

Gain insight into your target market

SEO can help you identify opportunities online and in your market. Keyword research can help you find new keywords with significant search queries but little to no valuable content in their results. Moreover, you can also find trending keyword searches that may give you an idea of where to focus your business or expand its reach.

How Real Estate SEO Works

To understand how real estate SEO works, you must first know how search engines rank the websites and their pages online.

How search engines rank web pages

Search engines aim to provide their users with the best and most relevant pages for the keywords they searched. They can provide these results since search engines have a database of every web page they built by using bots to crawl web pages and index the information they find. Search algorithms rank these pages according to the following ranking factors:
  1. Relevance– This is the usefulness of the page for the search keywords.
  2. Backlinks – These are links in other websites linking to the page being ranked. Search engines prefer to see high-quality backlinks leading to a page than more low or average-quality backlinks.
  3. Freshness – This factor comes into consideration when the search query calls for newer results.
  4. Page speed – Slow-loading speed can negatively affect the page’s search ranking.
  5. Mobile-friendliness– Search engines want mobile-friendly pages in their results for both mobile and desktop search engine users.
  6. Location– Search engines use your location when providing results for a search involving a location.
  7. Language – Search engines provide localized versions of content based on the search user’s location or preferred language (when applicable).
  8. Search history– Search engines refers to your search and browsing histories, and previous and current location when providing your search results.

How SEO improves your search ranking

SEO aims to increase the traffic your website receives from the search engine results page of your target keywords. In your case as a real estate business, this is to attract as many qualified leads to your website. To achieve this, you will require three elements for real estate SEO – on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and local SEO.

On-page SEO

On-page or on-site SEO is the optimization of the elements found on your website to rank higher in your target audience’s search results. These elements include your target keywords, content, internal links, page metadata, mobile-friendliness of the site, URL structure, page loading speed, and website architecture.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is any action taken outside your website to increase its search engine ranking. This involves using your links in social media marketing, guest blogging on third-party websites, brand mentions, and third-party websites linking back to your page.

Local SEO

Local SEO aims to increase your business’ visibility on the local search results of users near its registered address. With local business listings placed above the search results, your real estate business will have an easier time attracting searchers nearby who are looking for a property to buy or rent. Search engines rank local search results according to the user’s location and the business’ profile online, reviews, and their website’s general search ranking.

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Real Estate SEO Agency

With the importance of SEO established, what are its concrete effects on your business? Here are the different ways your business will benefit from real estate SEO:

There is no need for you to invest time in learning SEO.
You have a real estate SEO consultant doing the work for you.

Real estate SEO experts are more efficient in optimizing your website than you.

There is no trial and error involved with a real estate SEO expert doing the work for you.

A real estate SEO expert will maintain and monitor your website’s SEO concerns.

Your website is updated for the most recent search engine guidelines and the latest real estate SEO tips and techniques.

You can avoid costly mistakes when implementing SEO.

What to Look for in a

Real Estate SEO Company

There are several ways to generate leads for your business. But, any lead generation campaign will require the following elements to succeed in generating leads for your business.

They can show you a portfolio of their previous SEO clients.

A portfolio is a proof that an agency has experience in the services they offer. Most SEO agencies also offer other inbound marketing services so make sure to look for SEO clients in their portfolio.

They optimized their clients’ websites for search engine traffic.

The simplest way to see if an agency knows SEO is to see how they do it for their clients. Here are some things to look for in an optimized website:

They have previously worked with a real estate company.

It’s better to hire an SEO agency that has provided its services to a real estate business. This ensures that the agency already has some experience and knowledge in the real estate business and has already formulated solutions for the challenges in your industry.

They have experience with your target market.

Some real estate businesses will focus on only selling or renting properties while some will only deal with residential or commercial properties. This leads to a real estate business having a target market unique to its niche. Because of this, a real estate SEO consultant experienced with a similar target market as yours may provide better results than someone who has no experience. For example, someone looking for residential property may not appreciate the content implemented by a commercial real estate SEO strategy.

They are experienced with local SEO.

Not all real estate SEO companies will provide local SEO as part of their service. Although they might do so upon request, it implies that local SEO is not part of their marketed expertise. Otherwise, these agencies will state it in their marketing materials and website content. So, if you want local search optimization for your business, make sure that the agency explicitly states this and they can show you results from their previous clients.

They are realistic about what SEO can do.

Successful SEO is not a one-time application of the necessary procedures. It requires updates to make sure the website is in-line with search engine guidelines and regular monitoring to make sure the website stays optimized for search engines. Furthermore, SEO cannot make ALL your pages rank on the first page of the search results since not all pages are equal on your website, and other websites are also competing for your targeted real estate SEO keywords. A qualified real estate SEO service provider knows these facts and they are probably overselling their services to you if they state otherwise.

They practice ethical SEO techniques.

Some SEO techniques will provide fast results. Unfortunately, these practices go against search engine guidelines, and using these will eventually lead to the page receiving penalties. At worst, search engines could block the website from appearing on their search results.

They have positive reviews.

Reviews are the ultimate indicators when choosing the right agency from your list of potential real estate SEO services providers. It lets you know if their previous clients were satisfied with the agency’s service. Moreover, their reviews indicate how well they worked with their past clients.

They will require access to your website analytics.

One way to test an SEO agency’s expertise is by asking if they need to have regular access to your website’s analytics. If they do, you know they will have a results-oriented approach to optimizing your website.

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