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Traditional pool builder marketing strategies are not enough if you want your business to grow today. You need to market your pool services on the internet since your customers are spending a significant amount of time on it. Marketing your business online also gives a two-way channel of communication between you and your audience, which works great for building a relationship between your target market and brand. Moreover, this two-way communication makes it possible for you to address a particular customer and personalize their experience with your brand.

So, how can you get started with online pool builder marketing? What are the best practices when it comes to digital marketing? Here are some pool marketing ideas to help you get started:


Invest in a well-designed website for your business

A website is essential if you want to market your business in this day and age. Potential customers will want to see your website before they consider hiring you. Your website can create the right impression if it is well-designed, optimized for user experience, and contains well-written and relevant content. Its content can persuade those still considering a pool builder to hire you or, at least, request a quote from you. And, you can show your results by displaying high-quality photos and videos of your previous work and your best testimonials and reviews from your satisfied customers.

Moreover, a website gives your business the visibility it needs to remain relevant as people adapt more to the use of the internet. With people using the internet to look for what they need, a website will act as your business’s digital storefront to entertain potential customers, provide information about your pool services, and contact and close your leads.

Of course, not any website will do if you want it to be effective for marketing your business. People should be able to find it online through search engines. They should be able to navigate and read your site’s contents easily through their mobile devices. It should have valuable content so your target market has a reason to visit it and have a call to action to lead them to the sale. Lastly, it should have your contact information so potential customers can inquire about your services or request a quote from you directly.


Grow a following on social media

A social media presence is a necessity for marketing your pool company online since people spend the majority of their time online in it. Posting regular and relevant content for your followers makes it easy for your brand to remain on top of their minds. This is crucial since those who remember you are more likely to hire your business when they need pool-building services.

Moreover, you can use social media to engage with your audience. The engagements you have with them in your posts can help create a connection between them and your brand that goes beyond the promotion of your services. These conversations can also provide you with information on their interests, concerns, and pain points, all of which you can use to create more effective marketing campaigns and update your service offers for your target market.

Keep in mind that some of your audience will not be part of your target market. Some of them may be landscapers, plumbers, and other businesses that have a connection with your industry while some are social media users who have a genuine interest in your content. Although there is no chance of them becoming your customers, they can spread awareness of your brand through word of mouth and contribute to your engagements in social media.


Use a content marketing strategy for your digital marketing channels

Content is crucial for attracting, engaging, and retaining potential customers through your digital marketing channels. Case in point, businesses with articles on their websites generate almost 70 percent more leads than those that do not. Also, the increased engagement from content is correlated to more swimming pool leads generated and customers gained. Of course, these figures are only possible through the effective use of content for marketing their business and this is where a content marketing strategy can help you.

A content marketing strategy helps you develop and distribute relevant content to your target audience effectively. Common channels for content marketing for pool builders include social media posts, website blogs or articles, email newsletters, videos, white papers, and podcasts. Aside from lead and sales generation, effective use of content marketing can establish your brand as an industry expert in the eyes of your target market, improve your audience’s affinity towards your brand, and improve your customers’ trust and loyalty to your brand.

These results are possible since a content marketing strategy develops and delivers content suitable for every stage of the sales cycle. You also need to identify your audience and determine the best content formats and channels to reach your audience. Lastly, you must put in place a sustainable schedule so you can create content and deliver it to your audience consistently over time.


Implement SEO to attract visitors to your website

Your website will not live up to its potential in your pool service marketing strategy without anyone visiting it. This is why search engine optimization (SEO) is an important element for your website if you want it to succeed in generating brand awareness, lead generation, and sales conversion for your business. With search engines bringing the most number of website visitors on average, a business cannot afford to miss the traffic SEO can bring to its website.

Since it is an organic marketing strategy, the costs of implementing SEO will remain fixed regardless of the number of search engine traffic your website has. This makes SEO a tool to grow your website traffic on a small budget. Moreover, search engine optimization can provide you with an understanding of your audience through their search queries. You can use this to improve your content marketing strategy on social media and your website and to improve the targeting of your paid advertising.

In regards to implementing SEO, you have two options – hiring a pool service marketing company to do it for you or doing it yourself. Out of these two, you will get the most value and potential savings by hiring an SEO expert to do it for you. Doing it yourself will only take you away from running your business and the tools required for SEO are too expensive for a single website. Moreover, hiring someone will help you save time from learning SEO and from figuring things out for your website.


Take full advantage of video marketing

You cannot leave out video marketing in your swimming pool service marketing mix if you want to engage your audience online. It is one of the best ways to spread awareness about your business since people watch an average of 19 hours of video content per week and are more likely to share videos than any other type of medium in social media. Moreover, adding videos to your website can improve your SEO since it increases the quality of the page and the time visitors spend on it. And, video has been observed to be effective in engaging customers in every stage of the sales cycle, which results in more leads and conversions for the business.

Video is also more effective in educating an audience about a topic since the combination of audio, visual media, and animated graphics is more effective in retaining people’s attention and in getting a point across. Because of this, it is no surprise that video is effective in increasing the understanding of your audience about a product or service. Pool marketing experts take advantage of this fact by using explainer videos in sales or landing pages for better lead generation or sales conversions.


Take advantage of local SEO to raise awareness and generate leads locally

Local SEO is the optimization of your business for location-related queries in search engines. Although it is related to SEO, local SEO aims to place your business in the local pack rankings found above the organic search results. Although the business listings in the local pack do not require a website, it is still best to have one listed since most people would want to know more about your business when they see it on their local search results.

You will benefit from local SEO since you are targeting a local audience with your pool builder marketing strategy. Local SEO can help you generate awareness and leads in these areas for your business. With local searches often having a commercial or transactional intent, appearing in the search results of your local target market will improve your lead generation and lead-to-sales conversion rate.

Search engines rank businesses according to their relevance and prominence to the search keywords and their distance from the search engine user. Similar to organic SEO, local SEO aims to improve the relevance of your business to the search query of your target audience. You can do this by providing complete and detailed business information to search engine business profiles and using the relevant keywords for your business in your listing title.


Use digital advertising to complement your organic marketing strategies

With digital advertising, you can focus your promotions on your target audience. You can target your search engine, social media, and other online advertisements towards specific demographics such as location, individual profile information, interests, online behavior, and browsing history. This targeting feature makes it possible to implement and optimize paid campaigns to minimize your cost while maximizing your results.

Moreover, you can also retarget those who have previously interacted with your brand online. Retargeting this part of your audience helps with increasing your conversion rates without spending more on clicks. You can use retargeting ads to remind your audience of your limited-time offer, re-engage previous and lost customers, and show sequenced ads.

As to its use in your pool marketing strategy online, online ads are a great way to create short-term success for an organic channel like your website or social media page. These channels need time before they can attract visitors and build an audience organically. Paid ads can help with its launch and attract an initial number of visitors and build up its following or SEO in the short term. Once these organic channels start to generate traffic sustainably, you can shift your pool service advertising campaigns to promote landing pages, special offers, and seasonal promotions.


Use marketing analytics to measure the results of your campaigns

You will have significant volumes of data from marketing pool service business. The data collected contains information that can help you determine how well your marketing campaigns performed. However, you will need marketing analytics to transform this into usable marketing insights before you can determine how your campaign measured up to your key performance indicators and how much returns you got from your investment.

Marketing analytics tools can collect and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data from your marketing campaigns and channels and transform these into usable information with only a click of a button. You can use this information to improve your lead generation, social media engagements, and targeted advertising campaigns.

Although marketing analytics can transform raw data into usable information, it is still up to you to identify the metrics and determine the benchmarks for these. Moreover, you will still have to decide how you can adjust your strategies to take advantage of the information you found. This is where the help of pool builder marketing experts since they have the knowledge and experience to interpret and take action on this information.


Take advantage of social media and its reach

Marketing for pool companies will involve some monotonous work. You can delegate these tasks to marketing automation software and leave your marketing team with more time for creative and executive work. Also, some marketing automation tools set up the best time to post social media content, send emails, and implement ad campaigns. As a result, you are not only helping your team focus on improving the quality of your marketing campaigns but you are also executing these actions for maximum effect.

Aside from automating some tasks, there is also marketing software that can help manage your client relationships. These are referred to as CRMs or customer relationship management software. CRM software can organize client information and you can integrate these with your other marketing automation tools such as those for emails, calls, and instant messaging. It enables you to track the interactions they have made and use the information collected to guide them to the next step of the sales cycle. More importantly, you can use the information to create personalized messages and implement an account-based approach in pool service marketing and sales.

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Marketing for pool companies goes beyond knowing a few ideas and strategies to implement. You need a good understanding of each marketing channel and the skills to develop and execute it as part of your strategy. You also need to develop a strategy that will combine these methods into a cohesive effort for your business.

With the help of a pool builder marketing agency like Big Market Solutions, you do not have to take yourself away from running your business to study or execute any of these. We will do everything for you. Do you want to know more? Contact us today and schedule your free consultation about pool service marketing.
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