Marketing for Realtors:
Marketing Ideas for More Quality Clients

As a realtor, you are familiar with how competitive it is in your industry. There are several real estate agents in most areas. And, you can expect marketing to any potential client to be quite challenging since real estate buyers and sellers prefer to keep their search for an agent short and stick to who they find. Therefore, it is important to have an effective marketing strategy for your real estate business. Otherwise, you are more likely to be drowned by your competitors’ marketing campaigns in their bid to attract real estate clients.

Below are some marketing ideas that you can use to promote your real estate business and gain a competitive advantage in your location and the industry. 

Marketing Ideas for Realtors

1. Create a Website for Your Real Estate Business

Like any modern customer, real estate buyers use the internet when looking for their new home. Real estate sellers do the same things when they are looking for someone to sell or lease their property. 

This behavior is expected since the internet is the most accessible channel since your potential clients only need their smartphones to access it. Because of this, you need to establish an online presence for your real estate business if you want to have the best chance of attracting clients. Having your own website for marketing yourself as a realtor is the best way to achieve this.

Your website serves as your digital storefront that provides the information that your clients need and the copy that convinces them to become your clients. It can also serve as a platform for publishing valuable information that will attract an audience and generate leads for your business. 

Moreover, a website creates an impression among your potential clients that you are an established realtor in the area. Creating this impression is important since people are more likely to trust you as a realtor if they see you as an established brand.

2. Add Personality to Your Real Estate Business through Branding

Real estate clients often choose their realtor based on their personality. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to convey a personality through a screen. This is why you must take a conscious effort in creating a unique image for your real estate business and you can achieve this through branding.

Branding gives you complete control of how you want your audience to perceive your real estate business. It lets you have a clear and consistent message on why your potential clients should choose you over the other realtors in your area of service. 

Whether you are building a brand around your business or yourself as a realtor, you must take the following considerations if you want to build a brand for your business. 

Although you can sell any type of property, it is best to focus your business on a select few properties. This helps you brand your business as an authority in matters related to the properties that you specialize in. Moreover, this enables you to have a more focused message or story for your brand.
You need to identify what you are uniquely good at in real estate and incorporate this into your marketing campaigns. A good unique value proposition consists of a genuine strength of your business that your target market will find valuable.

If you want your branding message to be effective, you need to focus on a specific segment of real estate clients. You need to know their location, profession, preferred home type, home buying history, family type and size, and annual income. It is also to know their general interests, goals, motivations, and pain points so that you can develop effective copy in your social media posts, advertisements, web content, and calls to action.

A brand voice is the words and language used for communicating with your ideal clients. It helps your message stand out amidst the noise of other realtors promoting their services. It also makes it easier for your clients to recognize and recall your brand since your marketing communications have a consistent tone and voice. One of the best ways to develop is to identify what your business is and what it is not. For example, you can identify your brand as informal and helpful but not sloppy or overbearing.

3. Set Your Brand Apart from the Competition with Story Marketing

Story marketing involves building a consistent narrative that you will build upon over time. It narrates your brand’s unique position in the market, the problems you aim to solve for your clients, your mission and passion as a realtor, and your experiences in the industry. 

A good story makes your real estate business more relatable to your target market. This relatability is crucial if you want you and your audience to have a significant connection. Having these connections makes it easier for you to develop a relationship with them and gain their trust through the various interactions they will have with your business. 

 To use story marketing for realtors, you need to think of what you want to convey, the needs and wants of your audience, and your business’ values and goals. You will use these to create a simple and relatable story about them, their experiences buying or selling, and the value your business can bring to improve their experience or solve their problem.

4. Take Advantage of the Potential of Content Marketing for Realtors

Content marketing is the use of various forms of content to attract potential clients to your real estate business and to achieve your marketing and business objectives. It could be through your articles on your website, downloadable guides or templates, podcasts, infographics, social media posts, or YouTube videos.

There are always changes happening in the real estate market wherever you are. Because of this, you can expect people, including your target market, to look for information about the latest news and news, insider knowledge, market trends, and new properties for sale. With content marketing, you can take advantage of this demand for information and position your brand as an authority and trustworthy brand in your market. 

Regardless of the channel or type of content you will use, you need to put the motivations, goals, fears, challenges, and pain points of your audience when creating content. This will help you connect with your audience on an emotional level and create a relatable image for your brand. This is even more important in social media marketing for realtors since your audience there will expect a more casual interaction. 

Moreover, given the nature of the real estate market, you will need to focus on creating content for the area you are focusing on. This entails creating valuable content about the local area for your audience. For example, if you are selling homes, you can create content about the community, culture, and other topics about the locale that may interest your potential clients. Of course, these are in addition to the posts for the properties that you are selling for your clients. 

5. Generate Quality Real Estate Leads

With content marketing, you have attracted potential real estate clients to your business. You might have even built an audience that is waiting for your newest newsletter, social media post, video, or article. What you need to do next is to qualify potential clients from this audience so you can nurture them into actual clients in the future. 

You can do this through a process known as lead generation. This process aims to capture the information of potential clients to nurture and maintain contact with them, usually via email marketing. For a realtor, this can lead to more sales and listings, and improved relations with potential clients in your market. 

There are two ways to generate leads for your real estate business – inbound and outbound. Inbound lead generation attracts an audience through content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and other organic marketing strategies wherein they are led to a landing page. On the other hand, the outbound method targets internet users who are more likely to become your clients with an online ad that leads them to the same landing page.  Either way, this landing page contains a call-to-action that offers something valuable for free in exchange for their name, contact details, and other requested information.   

Get Started With Digital Marketing for Your Realtor Services

These marketing ideas can increase your target market’s awareness of your services and generate more leads that can bring in more revenue for your business. These ideas can even help establish your brand as an authority in your niche and keep it on top of your potential clients’ minds.  Of course, it requires some work to achieve these but you can develop a marketing strategy that works as long as you keep your target market and unique value proposition in mind.

Do You Need a Real Estate Marketing Consultant?

It can be overwhelming for anyone with how much you can do in marketing yourself as a realtor in your area. This is why some realtors choose to hire our services as their marketing consultants. We help them figure out what works for their situation and develop a marketing strategy that fits their values, market, and budget.

If you want to know more about how we can help you, contact us today and schedule your free marketing consultation with our marketing experts.

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