Why Law Firm SEO Services are Necessary for Your Law Practice

SEO can bring significant benefits to your benefits. It can bring visitors to your website that you can capture as leads or convert as clients. It can also establish your law firm’s brand as an authority in its specialization or the practice of law in general. However, like anything worthwhile for a business, SEO requires a significant investment of either time or money on your part. This is why most businesses hire an agency to provide them with the law firm SEO services they need.

The Benefits of

Hiring Help for SEO (for Lawyers)

Improves your law firm’s online visibility

A majority of internet users start browsing the internet through their preferred search engine. Law firm SEO increases your search ranking, which helps lead more visitors to your web pages. At the very least, search engine optimization ensures that the relevant page for your customers’ queries appears on their search results.
The visibility that law firm SEO services bring to your business is even more evident in your target market’s local search results. The search ranking for the local business results is limited to the ones nearest to the search user. This gives your law firm the best chance to catch people’s attention. However, you will not rank as one of the businesses recommended if you do not implement local SEO for lawyers.

Helps position your law firm’s expertise and credibility in the industry

Content is the best way to demonstrate your expertise and credibility as a lawyer. Your content provides information that your audience needs. This leads to your audience developing a good impression and trust towards your law firm’s brand and better lead generation and customer conversion for your business.
However, you cannot achieve these if your website and content are not optimized for search engines. Law firm SEO experts help determine the right topics for your content through keyword research. It also ensures your visitors can read your content and navigate your website easily. And, more importantly, SEO makes sure your pages appear on the results of the search queries you are targeting.

Attracts quality leads for your business

Investing in SEO will help your website rank on keywords relevant to your law firm’s services. Some of these keywords are those that contain transactional and commercial intent. Search users searching for these kinds of keywords have a good chance to become your clients since they are already looking for a law firm to hire. You can target these keywords and your content or landing pages will attract those who are ready to make a buying decision for what you offer.

Helps your firm save on client acquisition costs

Finding high-quality leads and converting them to customers make up the most expensive costs in marketing your law firm or any business for that matter. Leveraging your customer acquisition efforts with SEO can help you manage your expenses for it since its costs do not scale up with the amount of traffic it brings to your website. Even if you hire a law firm SEO service, SEO will still have one of the lowest costs for customer acquisition when compared to other organic and paid methods.
As for its effectiveness for customer acquisition, SEO is more effective in converting leads to customers than paid marketing strategies. SEO has an average close rate of 14.6 percent whereas pay-per-click and targeted ads averages 1.6 percent. This higher conversion rate can be attributed to potential customers searching the internet already with the intent to make a buying decision. Once they see a search result they like, the page they landed on only needs to provide good and convincing content to convert them to customers.

Helps your firm retain clients

As mentioned, customer acquisition is one of the more expensive marketing efforts for law firms or any business. When you add the fact that retaining your clients is on the cheaper side, you will realize the importance of client retention for your law firm. It will help you avoid wasting your investment on a client you acquired and have them as a client on an ongoing basis.
SEO can keep your clients returning to you for your services and away from your competitors. Since they already placed their trust in you, you don’t need to convince them of hiring you in the future. But, you still need to make sure you remain on top of their minds.
This is where SEO for lawyers such as yourself can help. Your clients will still use search engines when they need to find information about the law and their concerns about it. With SEO, you are more likely to rank on their search results and make sure they find your content on their search results.
Aside from this, your clients are more likely to search your brand name online instead of entering your website on their browsers. SEO will ensure that your website appears on their search results when they do so.

Removes the guesswork and trial and error in SEO

SEO requires you to work on your website’s content, user experience, web design, and website architecture. All of these can take a toll on your or a small in-house marketing team’s schedule. Furthermore, beginners in SEO will require significant time before they can optimize a site effectively. In the end, you will have to accept that this can take longer than necessary if you pursue it without the help of a law firm SEO company.

How Top-Performing Law Firm SEO Services Optimize Your Website

SEO involves the optimization of elements found on your website and building links leading from authoritative and relevant third-party websites. Any decent law firm SEO services can do this for you. However, if you want the best for your practice, you need to know what the best law firm SEO company provides to their customers. Here are the common practices that great SEO agencies offer to their customers:


Create a comprehensive content marketing strategy

To make the most of the traffic that SEO can bring to your law firm, creating unique and valuable content for your website is not enough. It might be enough to give your audience the information they need. But, this kind of approach is not enough to maximize what content marketing can bring to you in terms of generating leads, closing new clients, promoting your brand, and retaining existing clients. 

Here are some ways a law firm SEO expert will implement to maximize the potential of content marketing for their clients:

  • Create audience personas to gain a better understanding of your audience’s needs and create more effective content and messaging for them.
  • Create high-quality and detailed content. High-quality and unique content will help you generate more backlinks for your website and establish your brand as an authority in the industry. 
  • Create content that educates and coaches your audience on how to identify and solve their problems relevant to your services. 
  • Create content for every stage of your sales cycle to guide and influence the progress of your leads through it.

Determine and use what makes your law firm unique in your messaging to differentiate your brand apart from your competition and create an effective call to action.


Prioritizes your human audience instead of search engine algorithms

There will be loopholes present in the latest iteration of search engine algorithms. Taking advantage of these loopholes is a quick way to get your website to the first page of the search results. However, it only takes an update to fix this loophole before your strategy falls apart. Some websites that have experienced this in the past have required months of grueling work before they fixed it while some have never recovered at all. 

This is why the best law firm SEO companies prioritize the website’s human audience for content creation and search engine optimization. In this way, the website can avoid penalties in the future due to search engine algorithm updates. It also saves the business or the agency managing the website from grueling work in the future of fixing violations. Moreover, the content is more effective in engaging the audience and converting them into clients.


Use SEO to identify topics your audience finds valuable

SEO agencies will find out which topics are great for content through keyword research. They will select the keywords that the website’s audience finds valuable based on the marketing and branding goals, the search volume for it, and the existing competition for the keywords. Once the keywords are selected, the SEO experts will identify keyword variations that have good search volume and low competition.  

Some SEO agencies go beyond this by identifying which topics are doing well for the website. Then, they create more articles or blogs for these topics or keywords. They may also make dedicated articles to discuss supporting topics of these in-demand keywords on the website.


Create a comprehensive link-building strategy

Link building is one of the important elements of SEO. Search engine algorithms use it to determine the authority of your website in its niche. If a page has relevant third-party websites linking to it (referred to as backlinks), search engines perceive it as other websites considering that page as important. Therefore, search engines will give it additional points when scoring it for their search results. 

So, how important are backlinks for SEO? To illustrate, pages in the top spot of search engine results pages have an average of almost four more backlinks. The quality of these links also plays a role since some top-ranked search results are a bit lower on this average but they gained their spot due to high-quality and authoritative websites linking back to the page.


Set up your law firm for local search

Local SEO for lawyers is crucial to maximizing its market share in its area. Search engines give any applicable business that applies to local queries searched by their users a dedicated space right above the normal search results. Because of this, your law firm can have a spot above the top organic search result as long as your business qualifies for someone’s local search.

Aside from having a spot above the best organic search result, people who perform a local search are more likely to have a transactional intent. Because of this, you are more likely to receive calls and visits when your law firm is listed as the top business in local search. 

As to how your firm can qualify for a local search, this is where a law firm SEO agency can help you.  They can set up your business profiles, local citations, and links. They can also create content targeting local search to ensure your website also has a few pages located in your audience’s local search result. 


Audit your website before developing an SEO strategy

An SEO audit is a process wherein the website’s SEO metrics are analyzed. This is the first step before creating a new SEO plan and the last step to see the results of a plan after a few months.  An SEO audit will reveal issues related to your website’s technical SEO, structure, on-page SEO, user experience, and off-page links. It can also reveal insights about your niche online and any gaps and opportunities in content. 

Any law firm SEO service worth your money will implement this before they even start presenting a proposal for your website’s SEO strategy. It will give them the necessary information to create a plan that will deliver realistic results for your website and business. Therefore, if an SEO agency asks permission to see your website analytics, you know that they have an idea of what they should do before creating a plan for your website. 

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