Getting HVAC Leads Through Search Engine Marketing

Do you need qualified leads inquiring about your HVAC services? Have you been wondering how to increase HVAC sales? Then, search engine marketing is the solution that you’re looking for. It provides you with an affordable marketing strategy that provides your website with both paid and organic traffic online. This is thanks to the following benefits of search engine marketing and its two components search engine optimization and search engine advertising:
If you want to know more about search engine marketing, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We have years of experience in planning and implementing marketing for HVAC companies and other contractor businesses.

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the use of search engines to increase the visibility of a business and its website on the internet. It consists of two digital marketing strategies – search engine optimization and search engine advertising.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO aims to increase a website’s ranking in the search results of your business’s ideal customers. This is achieved by targeting keywords related to HVAC services and optimizing the user experience of your website. With your website optimized for search engines, your business can attract more leads you can convert to customers. This is thanks to HVAC SEO providing the following benefits:

How does it work?

Search engine bots index the pages on your website and take note of relevant information such as the important keywords used, the date of its creation, and the degree of user engagement. These pages are then compared to other pages using the same keywords and what you get in your search results is the result of this analysis.

What is search engine advertising (SEA)?

SEA is the use of pay-per-click advertisements on the search results of the targeted user. Since the ads appear prominently on the page, they can have a similar rate of clicks as the top link on the search engine results page.

How does it work?

Because of the limited space for ads on the results page, search engines have an auction for the available spots every time someone enters the targeted keyword in their search query. The winning bid is the one that has the highest maximum bid per click and the highest ad quality score.

Nine Benefits of Home Builder SEO for Your Business



SEO gives your website a wider reach on the internet

Having a website is not enough if it does not bring in people who need your HVAC services. One of the best ways to do this is through SEO. It gives your business the visibility it needs so potential leads can discover your brand when they search for keywords related to the services you offer.



You can get immediate results with search engine advertising

Online advertising is always a great way to get immediate results for your business. This is the same for search engine advertising. Because of this, SEA is a great complement to the long and continuous process of SEO, which may take a few weeks before you can see good results.



SEO brings visitors to your website for free

You don’t have to pay search engines for your page to show up on search results. And, with SEO, you can get a ranking that gives your website a good amount of traffic from potential HVAC leads.



SEA can indirectly improve your website’s SEO

Search engine ads can bring more traffic to your website. Higher-than-normal traffic on your website can indicate to search engines that there’s an increased demand for your website’s content. This could result in a higher ranking for your website on the search engine results page. Of course, this requires that your website provide valuable content and a good user experience for its visitors.



You get reliable leads with search engine marketing

Whether it’s a search ad or a search result, your link will only show up on someone’s results page if they searched for its keywords. Searching for terms related to your page indicates they need something that your content or business can provide. If this is the case, they are more likely to be a potential lead for your HVAC business and it only takes compelling copy or valuable content for them to inquire about your services.



SEO gives your website visitors a better user experience

Search engines include the user experience your site provides in determining its ranking in its search results. Because of this, you can expect any website with a well-executed SEO strategy to have faster loading speeds, easy navigation, and readable pages. This will not only help with your search ranking but will also help with having website visitors inquire about your services.



SEO gives you a better rank in local searches

As a contractor, you will be more interested in getting more inquiries from property owners in your area. And, with HVAC SEO, you have a better chance of ranking high in their search results when they search for keywords like “HVAC repair near me” or “HVAC contractors near me”.



You can target a specific part of your market with SEA

Even if you have already figured out your HVAC SEO, search engine advertising still has a role to play in bringing in those who are looking for your services. Since advertisements have more commercial intent, they can communicate a solution more clearly to those who are in urgent need of HVAC services. For example, you can target and place a higher bid than normal on the keyword “HVAC repairs” in the months when there are more customers requiring it. This will give you a leg up against your competition and get a bigger share of the customers for those months.



SEM lets you track metrics for improving your website

Access to accurate and up-to-date data is crucial for successfully marketing your business. With SEM, you get access to tools that let you track changes in your website’s performance. This information can help you tweak the relevant factors to maximize your results. Other than that, it also makes it easier for you to identify opportunities for the untapped needs and interests of your target market.



SEM can be an affordable marketing strategy.

Even if you pay someone to do heating and air SEO for your website, each lead has a lower cost compared to other inbound marketing strategies. This is because you are paying a fixed rate to a digital marketing agency regardless of how many people are finding your site through their search results. As for search engine advertising, search engines will let you set a budget for your ad campaigns. The cost per click in SEA is also less than $3 on average. This is significantly more affordable compared to other methods of online advertising.



Do You Need Help With SEO?

You don’t have to spend months learning about SEM and thinking about different HVAC SEO strategies. You don’t even need to take time away from running your business. With our help, you can have SEO for your website done by digital marketing professionals. So, contact us today to schedule your free consultation with Big Market Solutions – an experienced HVAC marketing agency.

Why You Should Include Search Engine Marketing In Your HVAC Marketing Strategy

SEM leads have a higher close rate than other marketing strategies

A person will only search for the keywords you’re targeting if they already have an existing need. Because of this, SEO has a close rate of around 15 percent. This is significantly higher than the two percent close rate of traditional advertising and the four percent of digital advertising (this includes HVAC Facebook marketing and advertising campaigns).

SEM gives your business a higher chance of getting new customers.

Various digital marketing agencies will tell you that SEM is one of the best ways to get new customers for your business. They will say this regardless of the type of business you’re in. SEM works well for e-commerce businesses, consulting services, contractors, and retailers.

There are more than 40,000 searches for each second.

You don’t need to have 40,000 website visitors every second for your business to experience relative success. But, without SEO, you will miss out on getting a part of this 40,000 to visit your website.

Top search results get more traffic than lower-ranked pages.

Pages at the top of the search results get more than 30 percent of the total traffic. Without SEO or SEA, you will have no way of getting the relevant pages at the top of a potential customer’s search engine results page even with the help of HVAC marketing experts.

Search engine marketing complements content marketing.

If you’re using web content to attract HVAC marketing leads and convert them to customers, SEO is a must-have addition to your marketing strategy. It gives your content a wider reach and this will only give you more leads or conversions for your business. Plus, incorporating SEO into your content strategy will help you create content that people will find valuable.

There’s a significant portion of internet users looking for local services.

Your customers are those in your city and nearby areas. This is why your website must have significant visibility in local searches. Doing so will make it easier for people in your area to find you when they are looking for an HVAC contractor.

Websites with good user experience have higher conversion rates.

Websites with good user experience are more effective in communicating their message to their visitors. Therefore, it is no surprise that well-designed websites are better at getting inquiries and sales from their website traffic.

Are You Interested in Creating These Results for Your Business?

We have years of experience marketing HVAC businesses and other contractors. So, you can rest assured that we know what we are doing when it comes to HVAC marketing campaigns. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.

How We Do SEA and SEO for HVAC Contractors

To help you achieve success through HVAC advertising and search engine optimization, we will follow the following steps for your business:

Get to know your business

Even if other HVAC contractors are offering the same services as you do, your business and its target market are unique. This is why we first conduct a session to understand your business and its unique needs and situation.

Create your branding

Your branding communicates your business’ unique offering to its customers. It is what will make you stand out amongst your competitors. This is why we give utmost importance to formulating and implementing SEO for HVAC contractors.
At your request, we can also design the same visuals for your printed HVAC marketing materials.

Create or rebuild your website

We can’t optimize anything for a search engine if your business has no website. Our web developers and graphic designers will take care of everything for you. This includes hosting, graphics, themes, daily backups, and security updates.
If you already have an existing website, we can rebuild it for you and create a better experience for your users.

Perform keyword research for your target market

This is an important step for HVAC contractor SEO. The keyword that we will target for your website will decide the quality of traffic that it will be bringing in. We use various tools for identifying the keywords that will provide the best returns for your business.

Create valuable content for your website

The content your website offers is what will make potential leads visit your page. It also helps turn web traffic into actual leads by providing information or solutions to their needs.
Furthermore, with content, it makes it easier for your website to demonstrate your expertise in the services you provide.

Optimize on-page content and search engine advertisements

HVAC digital marketing is an ongoing process of evaluating and improving performance. Search engine optimization and advertising are not any different. With our tools, we can track the performance of your HVAC marketing efforts and identify any missed opportunities we can use. Furthermore, we use the same tools for testing and scaling the different advertising opportunities for your brand.

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You don’t need to study and experiment with search engine marketing. There’s not even a need for you to search for “marketing ideas for HVAC companies” and read through the different ways claiming to be the best one. We will do everything for you so you can focus on working on what your customers need. With Big Market Solutions, you’re getting expertise honed by years of experience marketing HVAC companies and different contract service providers. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with us.
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