Everything You Need To Know About Enterprise SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most effective organic marketing strategies for attracting qualified visitors to your website. It can bring those who have an interest in the information your website offers and who have an existing need for the product or services your brand offers. However, things can become difficult once your website reaches thousands of pages or your brand gains nationwide popularity. You might even find that some normal SEO methods do not provide significant results. This is where SEO for enterprise-scale businesses or websites can help you.

What is Enterprise SEO and What Sets it Apart from SEO

Like generic SEO, enterprise SEO still aims to bring relevant traffic to a website, increase its authority in its industry and online, and optimize the visitors’ user experience. The fundamentals through which these goals are achieved also remain the same such as keyword research, content creation, link-building strategies, and web design and development.
What makes SEO for enterprise-scale websites is the amount of traffic they expect for their website and the number of pages it contains. These websites attract organic traffic by the millions on average and have at least thousands of pages for their content. Unlike average SEO where a business aims to attract traffic with a limited budget, SEO on the enterprise scale aims to generate traffic with the budget only as a secondary consideration.
However, this does not mean the enterprise websites have no regard for their spending on SEO. Enterprise-level SEO has an emphasis on ROI metrics that consider the profitability of their efforts in search engine optimization. These include customer acquisition costs, average order value, lead-to-customer conversion rate, and leads generated per period relative to SEO spending.
Branded keywords are also a consideration in SEO for enterprise-scale websites. However, optimization is not limited to ensuring the business’s website and pages show up for branded searches. It also aims to protect the brand by optimizing positive content about the brand and having it ranked on the first page of branded search queries.

Why Your Business Needs Enterprise SEO

When you think of what is considered an enterprise company, you immediately think of big corporations listed in the Fortune 100 and 1,000 lists. However, not all businesses that need enterprise SEO will be at a similar scale to these big companies. Several of them are, in fact, small to medium businesses. So, how do you determine if your website needs SEO for enterprise businesses? Here are some signs that you need it for your website:

1. You are targeting high-competition keywords

Some keywords are highly competitive and ranking on the first page of the search engine results for these keywords is close to impossible. Some industries and niches that naturally have high competition keywords include fitness, health, beauty, weight loss, real estate, legal services, financial services, and loan services.
Small and mid-sized websites will never dare to compete in these niches and industries. Although some may be part of it, their SEO strategy is to focus on sub-niche and become an authority in them. Enterprise SEO experts will approach this by tackling the competition head-on through a greater scale of content creation and link-building efforts.

2. Your industry has established brands and authoritative websites

Your website needs enterprise SEO if there are already competing websites that have already established themselves as a leader in your industry or niche. These websites have a head start in terms of the number of articles published, the number of keywords in the niche targeted, domain authority, and industry reputation. Search engines will always favor them unless your brand catches up with them in terms of online search authority and relevance.
Similar to competing for highly competitive keywords, a website will implement an enterprise SEO strategy to catch up to these bigger brands or websites on the internet. This strategy includes producing content at scale with the help of an in-house or outsourced team of writers, editors, and content managers. There is also a strategic approach to off-page SEO by working with relevant publishers, influencers, and partners in the industry.

3. Your website is critical for profitability

If you are using your website to generate leads and convert customers, your website is a critical part of your business’s conversion funnel. SEO at an enterprise scale gives you complete control of the stages in your sales funnel that involves your website. This is thanks to the various enterprise SEO tools that give you access to search and traffic data.
It can identify the topics that do well in attracting visitors to your or your competitor’s website. Some enterprise SEO tools can even identify the pages on your website that bring in leads or convert them into customers.

It can identify the topics that do well in attracting visitors to your or your competitor’s website. Some enterprise SEO tools can even identify the pages on your website that bring in leads or convert them into customers.

4. Your website needs large-scale quality content creation

Content is a critical element in SEO regardless of the niche or industry your website is targeting. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to break into the first page of the search engine results for your target keywords when one or a few websites already have their pages in it, especially when these pages are from high authority domains.
This is where an enterprise SEO firm can help you. With their team of writers and content optimization tools, it is possible to publish several high-quality articles targeting keywords. They can also help you target several keywords to establish your brand online as an authority in the industry even if it is against high-authority domains.

5. Your website contains thousands of web pages

Your website needs enterprise-level SEO once it nears 10,000 pages. At this stage, you will start to encounter technical SEO issues like duplicate content, slow page load speeds, unindexed pages, and page bloat. Enterprise SEO can tackle these issues by placing preventive measures and monitoring your website regularly so their web development experts can implement immediate fixes. Moreover, SEO at this scale involves a variety of automation tools for more efficient execution of tasks involved with optimizing your website. These include keyword research, keyword gap analysis, site audit, content planning and strategy, quality backlinks generation, competitor analysis, page ranking reporting and analysis, and audience research.

6. Common SEO strategies are not working for your website

Most SEO strategies that you see online will work for websites that target low-competition keywords. However, these strategies rarely work for enterprise companies. Your website will have complex issues that only enterprise SEO strategies can solve. For example, a common enterprise SEO strategy is to integrate it with other marketing channels and internal teams. This makes the business’s SEO efforts more effective in promoting the brand online, attracting website traffic, and protecting the brand’s reputation and authority.

7. You have a brand to protect

When you catch the attention of people online or offline, they will search for your brand name on the internet. The last thing you want them to see on their search results is negative news or clickbait news about it. It will leave a negative impression on their minds and you have probably lost any chance of gaining their business in the future. Enterprise SEO can help your pages to dominate the first page of the search results when people search for your brand online. It can also increase the chances of having your preferred page rank at the top spot of the search results. This could be a landing page or a sign-up page that immediately captures potential leads for your business.

8. You gain business intelligence

SEO implemented at scale gives you historical and real-time access to massive amounts of data. This data can provide information on customer insights, behavior, and preference that the different teams in your business can use to improve your content, product or service offerings, and customer service. Moreover, with search data, you can anticipate demand for the products or services you offer in real-time and identify unmet needs in your industry.

What to Look for in an Enterprise SEO Agency

They can provide the services of an enterprise SEO company

SEO for enterprise websites and businesses goes beyond what generic SEO can provide. The best way to determine if an agency is qualified is if they offer the complex and advanced inbound strategies that enterprise SEO agencies provide. Aside from the basic SEO services, they should also offer the following:

  • Monitor and interpret website and target audience analytics
  • Track the journey of your customers through your sales funnel
  • Create a holistic view of your customers and each segment of your customer demographics
  • Automate SEO campaigns and workflows
  • Create unique, relevant, and high-quality SEO content at a massive scale
  • Help your brand establish through leadership in the industry
  • Can manage thousands of pages of content for you
  • Refresh content without affecting page authority and backlinks
  • Manage the company’s online reputation through branded search optimization and other inbound strategies

They have an onboarding for their new clients

The key to a good working relationship with an SEO agency is having a clear understanding of what they can deliver and what they need from your end to achieve it. Good enterprise SEO companies know this and provide their clients with an onboarding process to set the expectations with their clients and give the working relationship with them a good start. 

They use data to guide their strategy and decision-making

An enterprise SEO consultant aims to deliver results for their clients. At the first consultation meeting, they should offer a brief SEO audit, which will enable them to provide a short report on what you can improve with your website and content. Aside from having critical metrics of your online presence, they will include some solutions on how you can fix problem areas and scale on SEO opportunities.

They have a qualified enterprise SEO service team

Implementing SEO at a scale is impossible for enterprise SEO consultants to do on their own. They need the help of a team with members with expertise in every area for effective search engine optimization.

Ideally, you want an agency that provides or pays for training and certifications to their team members. Search engine updates are implemented at least once per year and content practices change with the preferences of your audience. The only way to make sure that SEO strategies work is through continuous learning.

They can provide a client reference for their enterprise SEO services

The best way to qualify an agency is through a list of client references. If they have worked with another enterprise-scale website, you will know that they can deliver enterprise SEO for your website. Preferably, it is best to choose an enterprise SEO agency that has worked with a business of the same size and industry as yours.

Do You Need Help From an Enterprise SEO Expert?

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