Why Your Dental Practice Business Needs Dental SEO

Your website needs visitors. Without any traffic, it is as good as a dental clinic located in the middle of nowhere without any potential customers nearby. This is where dental SEO can help you.

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of enhancing the search engine ranking factors of your website to improve its ranking in your target market’s search results. This is achieved through keyword research on your audience’s search queries, optimization of on-page elements, and creation of relevant internal and external links.

Benefits of Dental SEO Marketing

There are established practices to implement the best website user experience for your audience. Implementing these in your website will make it easier for you to create a positive experience for your website users and optimize it in the future. Here are some best practices on user experience that any website must implement:

Increases your search ranking

All the benefits that Dental SEO provides result from it increasing your website’s search ranking. A higher search ranking gives it a better chance of getting more visitors. Search users are more likely to click the pages on the first few pages of their search results. To highlight the importance of a high search ranking, you only need to realize the difference in traffic between pages on the same search result page. Ninety-five percent of traffic for a search query does not go beyond the first page of the results. The top organic search result will get 27 percent more traffic than the second-best-ranked page. If your page lands outside the top ten of the search results, it only has less than a three percent chance of getting clicks from search users.

Has the most potential for bringing visitors to your website

Organic search traffic contributes an average of up to more than 50 percent to the total traffic of search engine-optimized websites. This is double what a website gains from a well-developed and executed social media strategy for generating web traffic. These figures are not surprising since there are 63,000 search queries per second made on Google. Moreover, visitors brought by search engine traffic are more likely to become your customers since your audience will only perform a search if they need relevant information about their query. In your case as a dental practitioner, visitors coming from their search results will only go to your site if they need information about dental care, are considering you for your services, want to inquire about your services, or choose you for your services.

Improves the user experience of your website

Search engine algorithms include the user experience your website provides to its visitors as a ranking factor. Because of this, SEO seeks to improve the various elements that can enhance a user’s experience browsing for the information they need. These include providing an easily navigable design, mobile-friendly pages and content, fast-loading pages, relevant photos and videos, and internal links. However, do not make the mistake that providing a good user experience is only for the sake of Dental SEO. Giving your visitors a good user experience on your website helps your website get longer browsing sessions, more clicks to other internal pages, and higher conversion rates. And, your audience will more likely remember your brand since a good user experience helps in creating a positive impression for your business.

Encourages people to visit your dental clinic

Local SEO for dentists is a necessary part of your overall digital marketing strategy. You have a local market and search engine users will perform a local search looking for nearby dentists when they need your services. Besides, those who perform a local search are more likely to visit your clinic if they consider it the best choice out of their results. Having your potential patients visit your dental clinic is a great achievement from your local SEO efforts. They are more likely to choose your clinic to have their teeth fixed and remember you because of the personal interaction from visiting your clinic personally.

Generates quality leads for your dental practice

As an inbound marketing strategy, SEO is an effective method of generating marketing- and sales-qualified leads for any business. It also has one of the lowest costs for every lead acquired compared to other inbound and outbound marketing channels. Moreover, leads generated through SEO are more likely to become your customers since search users already have an unrealized need for dental care services. With them performing a search, they are also making a conscious effort to address it so they are aware of the problem and have an idea of the solution required. Because of this, it is not surprising that SEO leads have a close rate of 14.6 percent, which is far above the 1.7 percent close rate of paid marketing strategies.

Provide an inexpensive method for marketing your dental practice

SEO is one of the strategies with the lowest cost for marketing a business. It has less than half the cost of paid marketing methods since the cost does not scale with the amount of web traffic it brings. Moreover, it complements your other digital marketing channels, so you get a higher return on your investment in these channels at a minimal cost. For example, you can save on paid advertising in bringing awareness to your brand thanks to SEO and spend what you saved in targeting your advertising on those who visited your website through social media and pay-per-click ads.

Increase overall revenue for your dental practice

Your website is equivalent to the physical address for your clinic on the internet. Having more people visit increases the chances of new and more patients for your dental practice. SEO increases your website’s visibility in the search results of your target market. Therefore, it is only expected that SEO can increase the number of patients going to your clinic and, consequently, its overall revenue. Moreover, SEO also gives you information that can boost particular areas of your business that can supplement your revenue. It can help you provide better customer service and retain existing patients since keyword research helps you know the concerns and pain points of your patients. You can also gain some ideas on new products and services to offer the market from their frequently searched keywords and the high-traffic pages of your website.

Builds the credibility of your brand

Having your website ranked on the first page of your audience’s search results gives the impression that you are a credible dental practitioner. This impression can help with convincing potential patients that you are the best dentist in the area. Because of this, they are more likely to set an appointment, inquire about your services, or visit your clinic. Moreover, if you are publishing news related to dental health and care, SEO helps your news content appear on Google Top News. Your content can appear on your audience’s mobile notifications and the news tab of their search results.

Increase people’s awareness of your brand

Brand awareness is one of the most common goals of businesses – dental clinics included. Having people aware of your brand makes it easy for them to know about your business, the products and services you offer, and the values it stands for. Moreover, brand awareness helps your customers recall you when they need to have their teeth fixed or cleaned. SEO can help improve people’s awareness of your brand by improving its search ranking. A higher search ranking makes your brand more visible to the people who are looking for the content you have and the services you offer. In this way, they are more likely to know and understand what your brand offers and values as a business in your industry. Therefore, when the time comes that they need your services, they are more likely to remember you and choose you over the others.

Reduces customer acquisition costs

Paid marketing channels are often used for acquiring new customers. However, with every click costing you, you will pay more as you scale up your campaigns to attract more potential customers to your website’s landing page. This is not the case with an organic marketing strategy like SEO. There’s no cost for the clicks made on the links on your audience’s organic search results and the cost of Dental SEO services remains fixed regardless of the amount of traffic you get from search engines. Because of this, SEO can help reduce your reliance on paid ads to bring potential customers to your website. This helps you save on customer acquisition costs without sacrificing your business goals. As a result, you are not only saving on your costs but also getting more profit for your business.

Gives your business a competitive advantage

SEO will give your business an edge against those who do not implement it or implement it but do it poorly. People will see your dental practice as the more credible one since they will see it rank highly on search results. They will also see more of your content and have a more positive impression of your brand. Moreover, you are more likely to get the top search ranking for local searches like “dentists near me” and “dental clinics nearby.” From all of these, you can easily see why you will have an advantage over other dentists in the area.

Provides you with a long-term marketing strategy

Implementing dental SEO marketing will benefit your business in the long term. It does not matter if you only have it done once a year. The changes you make to your website and content will help attract new customers to your website and retain the attention of your audience continuously from a few months to a few years until the next search engine updates are implemented.

Dental SEO Tips and Best Practices

From the benefits, it is clear that SEO can help grow your business and promote your brand. However, these benefits do not come easily. You need to develop and implement a good dental SEO strategy following the best practices in the industry. Here are some tips on how you can achieve great results from SEO:

Write for your human audience

Search engine updates are to be expected and whatever SEO loopholes or formulas that apply now will become obsolete in the future. Therefore, the biggest mistake you can make is to take advantage of these when writing your content. Instead, you should keep your audience in mind first when writing and formatting your content and any SEO considerations should come second.

Perform an SEO audit regularly

An SEO audit is a check-up of your website’s on-page, off-page, and technical elements. Doing this regularly makes sure that your website follows the latest search engine guidelines and takes into account the changes to search engine algorithms. Ideally, you should perform an SEO audit at least once per year with the proper SEO tools. Since SEO tools are paid on a subscription basis and an audit requires a good amount of skill and experience, it is probably best to have a dental SEO service do it for you.

Build links relevant to your website

Internal and external links are important for optimizing your website for search engines. However, links can only help your Dental SEO strategy if these are anchored in relevant texts and lead to pages relevant to the content and your website. Therefore, it is best to link pages that the reader will find useful and natural in your content.

Monitor your SEO results regularly

You need to know if your dental SEO marketing strategy is working. The only way to do this is by monitoring your KPIs (key performance indicators). For SEO, these include your website’s organic traffic, search ranking, backlinks, organic click-through rate, branded traffic, bounce rate, and average session duration. Of course, you must also determine how much revenue SEO brings to your business. You can get an estimate for it from your click-through rate, conversions, and the value of each conversion.

Stay up to date with SEO news and changes

Search engines regularly update their algorithms to ensure they are providing their users with the best experience and results. Unfortunately, there is no regular schedule for when these updates occur so you need to be on the lookout for announcements. Failing to keep track of these can lead to your website getting a penalty for going against the latest update. Staying up to date with the changes can get in the way of your dental practice since it is a subject outside your profession. This is one reason why it is preferable to have a dental SEO expert or agency do SEO for you. It is part of their responsibilities and staying up to date ensures they are creating results for their clients.

Hire a dental SEO agency to do it for you

Dental SEO companies have the knowledge, skill, and experience to give your website a professional SEO strategy at a price. They can also make the most use of the best SEO tools thanks to their experience using them. And, more importantly, they have experience in your industry so they know how to cater to your target market and how to solve the common SEO issues in your industry. Dental SEO experts can help you focus on running your business by planning and executing your business’s dental SEO strategy for you. There is no need for you to study SEO and stay up to date with the latest guidelines and best practices.

Are You Looking for a Dental SEO Company?

Learning about Dental SEO can take some time and requires experimentation to implement it successfully. This is why most successful businesses delegate it to an agency with the skill and experience for it. Besides, you will not only save more time running your business. But, you will also get the expertise of experienced SEO professionals.
This professional expertise in SEO and other digital marketing strategies is what you would get from us at Big Market Solutions. You will receive personalized solutions for your dental practice from an agency experienced in working with businesses from various industries. Do you want to know more before committing to our service? Schedule your free marketing consultation with our digital marketing experts today!
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