Concrete Contractor SEO: Why Your Concrete Works Website Needs It

A website is a necessity in doing business today. It serves as your storefront on the internet where a majority of people look for the various products and services they need. This includes contractor services like the business of your concrete work.
However, just like how a physical store needs a good location and ad campaigns to attract visitors, your website needs a strategy to attract visitors who are interested and qualified for the services you offer. This is where concrete contractor SEO can help you.

What is Concrete Contractor SEO

Concrete contractor SEO (search engine optimization) is a process done to improve the search ranking of your website when people search for keywords relevant to your concrete contracting business. The process of search engine optimization involves keyword research, content creation, link building, and web development and design.

Why You Should Invest in Concrete Contractor SEO for Your Business

You might be wondering why you should invest in SEO when you already have a website and various means to promote it on the internet. Well, here are the benefits that SEO can bring to your concrete contracting business:

Brings visitors to your website

SEO, particularly its on-page component, is essential for attracting visitors to your website. It identifies the keywords you can target to bring visitors who have an interest in the information found on your website. It can also bring those who need or are considering the services of a concrete contractor. SEO works great for driving traffic to your website. It contributes up to 53.3 percent of the total website traffic across business websites from different industries. For you as a concrete contractor, SEO traffic is around 40 percent for business-to-consumer content and services but reaches up to 60 percent for business-to-business customers.

Promotes your concrete contractor business 24/7

Your website is up all day and night every day of the week. However, there is no use in having this feature if it is not attracting visitors to generate leads and convert more customers for your business. SEO solves this by attracting quality traffic to your website in the same manner without the need for daily monitoring and monthly maintenance. And, with the use of chatbots and email forms, your website can answer common inquiries and collect contact information so you can get back to them during office hours.

Brings high-quality leads to your website

Search engine users looking for information, services, products, or businesses that they need. Because of this, the traffic that search engines bring to your website is more receptive to your content. They are more likely to act on your call to action and engage with your brand online.

You can use this behavior to your advantage by targeting keywords that your potential customers will use. For example, if you only do business in a specific area, you can target location-based keywords and you will have website visitors who have an existing need for the services you offer. You can also use this strategy to target those who are looking for your specific services (pre-cast, structural, or flatwork) or those that are part of your target market (commercial, residential, private, or developers).

Complements your content marketing strategy

There is no use in having content if your website does not attract any relevant visitors to it. SEO helps bring these visitors to your website so they can access the information you provide. Once they get to your page and start reading it, your content starts to nurture your audience into potential customers, which will eventually lead them into converting to your leads or customers.

Aside from this, since SEO also improves visitor user experience, it makes sure your audience does not have any trouble reading your content and increases the chances of them browsing your other pages and reading more of your content. As a result, they are more likely to engage with your brand, comprehend your brand’s message, and convert to become a lead or customer.

Enables you to target your audience from every stage of the sales funnel

There are different search intents behind the queries of search engine users. Some of them are merely searching for information to answer their questions or read about their area of interest. There are also search users who are looking for a concrete contractor to hire at that moment. Alternatively, they may be considering a few options and want to look for the best one for their situation. Lastly, there are search users who are looking for a specific concrete contractor by entering the business name as their query. With SEO for concrete contractors, you can target all of these keywords and bring visitors who are at different stages of your sales funnel. You can bring awareness about your business to those who are only looking for information. You can place your business on top of the mind of those who are looking to hire and still considering their options. Lastly, optimizing your website will ensure that those looking for your business or website will have no problems finding you.

Provides a good user experience for your website visitors

If visitors to your website have a difficult time browsing your website, they are more likely to exit your page and go back to their search results to choose another website. Search engines do not want their users to do this since it indicates that some of their search results are of poor quality. Because of this, search engines include the user experience that a website offers to its visitors as a major ranking factor in their algorithms.

SEO for concrete contractors aims to meet the user experience requirements set by search engines in their guidelines. These include various elements of concrete contractor web design, such as fast page load speed, flat website architecture, good interactivity, good visual stability, easy navigability, mobile responsiveness, and secured browsing. Aside from helping your page improve its search ranking, these can also help with your conversion and page visits per session since your visitors will have an easier time reading your content and navigating to other pages that interest them.

Improve your overall sales conversions

When people think of search engine optimization, they immediately look to its high conversion rate compared to other organic and paid digital marketing channels. They are not wrong to do so. SEO after all has an average close rate of 2.4 percent for leads and these leads have a sales conversion rate of almost 15 percent on average.

However, looking only at how many leads and sales that SEO directly brings to your business discounts the fact that your website is a gateway towards your other marketing channels. You can attract search engine users to your landing page and capture their email or contact details to nurture them through email marketing or account-based marketing. You can also retarget your previous visitors through social media and PPC ads to remind them of your offer or keep your brand on top of their minds.

Save on lead generation and customer acquisition costs

Customer acquisition is one of the highest expenses a business can incur. SEO can help you manage this cost without sacrificing the number of customers your business acquires regularly. This is thanks to SEO being a cost-effective strategy for attracting qualified leads to your website and converting leads to customers. Moreover, if you hire a professional or agency to implement SEO for your business, the costs will remain fixed even when your website experiences an increase in traffic or conversions.

Establishes your business’s credibility and image online

Although the search ranking of your website and the legitimacy of your business do not have anything to do with each other, having your website appear on the search results of your customers establishes the credibility of your business in their minds. Providing them with relevant and valuable information for their queries also helps establish your authority in your industry since it gives potential customers an idea that you are knowledgeable about the services you offer.

Helps with marketing your business locally

You might think that SEO is unnecessary if you are doing fine with marketing your business locally. But, more and more of your potential customers are using their smartphones to research the products and services they might need. This includes the services of concrete contractors for their homes, business, employer, and various building projects.

SEO sets up your business to get the best spot for the local businesses listed on their search results. Getting this spot for your business is crucial for more leads and sales since local search users have an 80 percent chance of converting. Moreover, SEO helps your website rank on the organic results for keywords relevant to your local market.

Improves your concrete contractor advertising campaigns

If you are using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in your digital marketing strategy, SEO is essential to maximize and increase the success of your campaigns. SEO and PPC advertising establish your website’s presence on your audience’s search by getting above the ad placement and a decent ranking on the organic results. This gives your business two opportunities to bring them to your website through a single search query.

Moreover, SEO makes it possible for previous PPC campaign respondents to go back to your site easily in the future. This ensures that you are making the most for every click you paid for since you will have leads that will not immediately schedule a call, fill up a form, or act on your offer.

Gives your business a competitive advantage

Concrete contractor SEO can help your business gain an advantage over your competitors and get a bigger piece of the market. Almost every one of your potential customers uses the internet to look for businesses that can provide the services they need and research the different options they have. Using SEO increases your chance of outranking your competition and having your website on the first page of your potential customers’ search results.

Improves your return on investment from various marketing channels

Search engine optimization can offer one of the highest returns on investment compared to other digital marketing channels. It brings traffic to your website and landing pages which helps start your visitors on their journey to become your customers. It gives your brand the visibility it needs to make people aware of your business and establish its credibility in their minds. SEO also improves the targeting of your PPC and increases your audience for retargeted ads in social media.

What are the Best Practices for Your Concrete Contractor SEO Strategy

There are several ways to implement an SEO strategy for your business. However, some have been proven to work best for a business like your concrete contracting service. Here are some of them:



Attract different types of audiences to your website

There are four types of search engine users that you can target through SEO for concrete contractors. Some are looking for information about concrete works or concrete contractors. Some are looking online for a concrete contractor to hire. Some are considering the different options they have for concrete works services. Lastly, there are search engine users who are looking for your website or business specifically.
Now, as a business, you want to attract those who have the potential to become your customers to your website. But, it is just as important to attract visitors who are only looking for information about your industry. They will not only bring up the visitor count for your website to improve your search ranking. But, also, the informational content serves as proof that you are a credible authority in your industry.



Redesign your website for optimal user experience if necessary

It is easy to design your website for optimal user experience if you are starting from scratch. However, you might already have a website that was not built with attracting and converting visitors in mind. If this is the case, you will have to make some significant changes to your website for it to be effective in generating revenues for your business.



Create quality content to engage your audience

Targeting the right keywords is not enough if you want your content to be effective in engaging your audience. It should provide relevant, valuable, and unique information that they cannot find anywhere else. By doing so, your content will be more effective in proving your credibility as a concrete contractor and attracting clicks and links to your website.
Moreover, the quality of your content can help in your website’s search ranking. Search engines will see your website as a high-quality source of information when other websites relevant to your niche are linking back to your content. The same goes for the behavior of your visitors since they are browsing more pages for every visit and are less likely to close the tab or go back to the search results immediately.



Use social media to promote your website content

Social media can bring traffic to your website and search engines consider this as a positive social signal. You can take advantage of this to increase traffic to your website or page while it is still new in the eyes of the algorithm. Moreover, you can also use social media to promote your older content that is still relevant but has fallen off in the search rankings.



Use image and video content for SEO

SEO is not exclusive to written content. Search engines have a dedicated tab for images and video search results so you can optimize these to attract traffic to your website. As a concrete contractor, you provide a result that your audience will appreciate visually so you can expect them to look for images and videos online that show off the process and results of your services.



Optimize your website and online information for local SEO for concrete contractors

Local search results are dependent on the relevance of your business information to the search engine users’ location. Search engines evaluate this relevance based on the information found on your website’s About page and business’ profile in the various online directories. So, if you want your business to appear on your local target market’s search results, make sure that your business name, address, and phone number are consistent and up to date.



Delegate your concrete contractor SEO & marketing to a digital marketing agency

Doing SEO on your own will not give you the best results and take you away from running the business of your concrete work. This is why delegating it to an SEO agency is the best option for most businesses. Hiring an SEO and marketing agency will save you time and money while taking advantage of the expertise of SEO professionals. Moreover, most SEO agencies offer other digital marketing services that complement search engine optimization so you can get more out of it than doing it on your own.

Do You Need More Information on How SEO Can be Applied to Your Concrete Contractor Business?

This introduction to the benefits and best practices of search engine optimization is not enough to provide the particulars of SEO for the business of your concrete work. If you want to know more about how you can apply SEO to your business, contact us and schedule your free marketing consultation with our SEO and digital marketing professionals today.
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