B2B Email Marketing

Its Importance and Best Practices

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Everyone still uses the same email regardless of their changing preference in connecting to friends and family on the internet. There is also an expectation of receiving marketing messages over email since they have signed up for these emails in exchange for the value they bring to their personal or professional lives. Because of this, email remains one of the effective marketing channels for all kinds of businesses – including B2B businesses.

So, what are the differences in B2B email marketing compared to other businesses? What are the best practices in it? How do you get started with it?

What Makes B2B Email Marketing Different

Email marketing, like any marketing strategy, aims to promote your brand, content, products, services, and special offers. However, since email is a more direct form of communication, businesses also use it to talk directly to their customers to nurture relationships, communicate their brand values, and maintain customer engagement.

The uses of email marketing in B2B businesses are the same. However, B2B email marketing has a significantly longer sales cycle because of the commitment and decision-making required for making a B2B purchase. Because of this, there is a heavy emphasis on nurturing relationships and providing value to mailing list members.

Why B2B Email Marketing Is Important

You might be wondering what use B2B email marketing has with all the other marketing channels you have to choose from. Surely, with how old it is as a channel, the newer ones are better options for marketing your business, right? Well, read on and find out why email marketing remains relevant up to this day and why it might be one of the best marketing channels for any business.


Excels at generating qualified leads

Attracting people to register for a white paper or report related to the product or service you offer is a great way to find people interested in your offer. However, not everyone in a B2B email marketing list is a high-quality lead. This is where email marketing gets to work. By engaging email subscribers through a series of emails, you can filter out those who are qualified to become your customers. You can then engage them directly for a sales call or nurture them further to convert them into customers in the future.


Provides a flexible messaging platform

There is little that you cannot do in email in terms of content and formatting. You can use it to send your appreciation for calling you, signing up for a webinar, or becoming your customer. You can use email to engage with members of your audience in a more personal manner. You can use it to promote your content on your website. You can use it for learning about your audience by conducting polls and surveys or by directly asking them some questions.


Helps with relationship building

Once someone joins your mailing list, you have more personal access to them due to the nature of email messaging. You can send them personalized messages and deliver content they are likely to find valuable. You can ask them for their opinion and send reminders about upcoming events by your company. You can even send them greetings or special offers on their birthday or the holidays.


Effective for customer conversion

Email marketing is effective for nurturing lukewarm leads to ones who are ready to become your customers. You can use a series of emails to qualify your email subscriber and categorize them into where they are in their buyer’s journey. You can then send them the appropriate email for where they are in it. When they are ready to make a buying decision or take serious consideration of your offer, you can then hand them off to your sales or accounts team for a more personal approach.


Helps with customer retention

Email marketing does not need to end when a subscriber becomes a customer. You can continue sending them valuable content targeted toward your customers. Some examples of this are tutorials for using your product or service, success stories of your clients and how they can apply it to their business with your product, and regular checks on their satisfaction with their purchase.


Makes it easy for customers to advocate your brand

Your email subscribers can forward every email they receive from you to their contacts. It only takes you to create valuable and unique content in your email marketing campaigns to encourage this from them and increase the chances of your brand creating a great first impression through your content.

B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

Of course, the benefits above are only possible by doing email marketing right. Here are some of the things that the best B2B email marketing examples have in common:

Are You Ready to Get Started With Email Marketing?

If you are ready to get started with email marketing or looking to improve your existing strategy for it, we suggest sitting down with a digital marketing expert first to save yourself from wasting time and money from trial and error. You can schedule a free marketing consultation with us and we will gladly help you.
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